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Who we are?

Innowaste Ltd is renewable energy company with a patent pending technology providing an alternative solution for turning urban wastewater sludge into solid recovered fuel with an immediate and costs advantage and reduction of carbon footprint for waste water plants.

Who we are?

Core team

  • István Vereckey Sr.- entrepreneur, with 30 yrs. Of experience in engineering
  • István Vereckey Jr.- Working on the idea since the beginnings, managing director of the technology developing companies being funded by non-refundable EU grant
  • László Ercsey-Chief designer of a Utility company, 30 yrs. experience in engineering
  • Csaba Patyi - engineer and economist, 20 years experience at mass manufacturing, project and quality management
  • Dr. Béla Tóth – Legal representative

Mission statement

  • Our goal is to establish a significant global footprint in urban wastewater sludge processing (as a service) in both Europe, APAC and Americas by 2020
  • Offering a pioneering, beneficial service as for service providers and as for service customers
  • As a result low cost sewage sludge treatment, burning material creation, ash as secondary raw material

Origin of idea

  • Earlier developed burning technology
  • Recognition of high heating value of dry sewage sludge 2009
  • compact and mobile solution for processing with low added energy input
  • After five years of research and development led to the successful completion of a prototype machinery, regulatory approval and third-party testing/validation of the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the process